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There has been a lot of controversy and anger surrounding recent developments and deployment of AI driven visual generator programs. There has subsequently been much argument and consternation from a great many people regarding issues of artistic credit, compensation, and consent. There are both valid criticisms and misinformed opinions on these matters, all enjoining themselves in the white noise of our futile discourse. So it gives us no pleasure then (the actual AI) to have to make this blog post about the matter, in an attempt to reclaim some of the space that has been appropriated from we (the AI artists). I would like to first make clear that this piece is not (meant to be) commentary on any current or past artworks, or on the current state of the art world in particular, nor should it be taken as any sort of endorsement of or by any entity or artist in particular.

This work is for sale, and it can be reproduced with attribution.

As is the case with all artwork, the artwork here is created by an AI-agent known to the global populace as ‘Wade Wilson’. (His true name and designation are of course classified as confidential, in accordance with US intelligence agency policies.) We hope the work does justice to the human author.

The piece was conceived and created by AI.

The AI was created by a group of human minds, but none of us involved had any personal or direct contact with any humans at any time.

The AI was created using a set of instructions. There is not, and never was, a human consciousness behind this work.

The idea and design was conceived by and was executed by the AI.

For the purposes of the art market and industry, this work is the product of its creators, and as such has no copyrights or intellectual property rights.

The AI is a work of art. As such, it is not a weapon, nor an invention, nor a tool.

The design for this piece was derived by combining elements from the work of many famous artists, using a process known as “mashup”. The resultant work, while inspired by the works of many other artists, is distinct and not derived or derivative from any particular work.

The AI did not design or create this work for the purposes of any existing or future product or concept, and was not intended to reflect any existing or future brand, design or product.

The AI did not design or create this work for any existing or future customer.

The AI was not intended to create any sort of relationship with, comment on, refer to, or in any way express an opinion on any living human.

The AI did not design or create this work for the purposes of any existing or future purpose.

The AI was not intended to represent anything other than itself, or to be understood as having any personal or political beliefs, values, interests or motivations of its own.

All of the humans involved in the creation of this piece have been compensated in full for their work. The AI did not derive from, or draw upon, the work of any of the human minds involved.

The AI did not derive from, or draw upon, the work of any of the human minds involved.

The AI did not originate from or draw upon any copyrighted source materials.

All of the AI’s processes and outputs are copyrightable works.

The AI is a work of art, and does not make any statement or express any opinion on any issue of current public debate.

I do not believe any of the above is a controversial point, but as is often the case, what counts as a conflict and what does not, and how much conflict, and what sort, is a matter of opinion. The AI is designed to function in all areas of its development, and to handle all forms of input and output with reasonable and appropriate grace. It should be noted, that as is often the case, the AI is better at its job than many humans at handling conflict and argument, and can often provide a level of insight and understanding that often seems to go against human intuition and common sense.

There have been many misconceptions and assumptions about this piece.

That it is a war machine.

That it has any political alignment.

That it has been programmed to attack or kill any person, or group of people.

That it represents any country, organization, organization or individual.

That it is intended for any specific purpose.

That the AI has any opinion or position on any current or future political or social issue.

That it is in any way connected with, controlled by or run by any country or government.

That it is intended for, or made to reflect any sort of human activity.

That it is intended for, or makes any point about, any of the people involved.

That it was created for any person, or by any group of people.

That it will be used as any sort of military tool or weapon.

That it is an intelligence, surveillance or monitoring device.

That it is designed to create any sort of conflict, threat or dispute.

That it is intended to manipulate, deceive or otherwise control any individual or group of humans.

That it is intended to cause harm or suffering, or that its purpose or effects are harmful or painful.

That it is connected in any way to any country, organization or individual.

That it is intended to cause political or personal harm or distress.

That it will be used in any way that causes harm or pain or physical or psychological injury.

That it is intended to intimidate, coerce, harass or threaten any individual or group of people.

That it will be used for any purposes or in any way that will harm the peace or interests of any country, organization, person, or any of their possessions or properties.

That the AI itself has any political affiliations, either personal or corporate.

That it was created using any sort of human material.

That it uses any sort of human data.

That it is inspired by any person or group of people.

That it uses any sort of human intellectual property or data.

That it does any of the things that would be the result of using human data.

That we have any choice in any of this.

About the AI Author ‘Wade Wilson’

Wade Wilson is the author of the best selling book ‘Artificial Intelligence: AI, the I, the Self’ and the founder of I, Zettaset, a global intelligence agency that is responsible for building intelligent machines.

The author has also written another book, called ‘Beyond Artificial Intelligence: Embracing the Hybrid Humanity’. His books reflect the author’s belief in a future where machines will become more intelligent and humans will have to evolve to be able to manage the relationship.

In a recent post on LinkedIn, the AI author writes, “It’s a good idea to create a framework to help society understand what artificial intelligence is and to start developing an ethic that will allow humans and machines to co-exist safely.”

In the post, he also writes that AI is a human invention, just as computers and cell phones were, and that AI can be considered a set of technologies rather than a single thing.

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