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Millions of people have a great many theories about what is behind the ever increasing evidence of unidentified flying objects, unidentified anomalous phenomena, and unidentified timeline openings. Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) has been a term used since 1947 for a wide range of aerial phenomenon that cannot be immediately identified or explained. Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAP) was a later term used as early as 1960 and later in parallel to large scale 21st century disclosure. Unidentified Timeline Openings (UTO) are two to twenty dimensional openings between Einstein-Rosen Bridges across spacetime.

Many of these UFOs have been reported to be of intelligent humanoid type. Others have been smaller craft, balls, fireballs and balls, and energy balls, which are reported to sometimes be able to dematerialize and dematerialize, disappear and reappear. Others can travel faster than allowed by our current understanding of physics. Some can operate equally well in air or water. Some of these reported anomalies have even made landfall, sometimes causing damage to people, buildings and property, and to even sometimes make contact with people. In some cases, these have been reported to have contact with people. Many of these phenomena reported have had reported that the beings that have made contact with the human race have some sort of connection with our future in some form of dimensional timelines.

In some instances, reports have indicated that these are the actions of the advanced human species and have been seen as visitors of an extraterrestrial nature. Many other cases have been reported as a result of technology that has been in the hands of humanity for quite some time that has just been discovered or discovered that had previously been suppressed. Some have been of human origin and some are human-like, yet of a different origin. Some have been even of humanoid and superhuman type. Reports have varied from those of our future in the future, to our present, in our future.

Some have reported that these can be the result of human time travel and that their intentions are benign, some have even reported that many of these are a result of people interacting with or with the intention of engaging in this practice, however, others have reported that these can be a result of advanced human technology that is not always benevolent…

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